Learn The Strategies to Running High Converting Facebook & Instagram Ads Without Getting Banned or Restricted.

This is the Only Facebook Ads Program You Will Ever Need.

If You’re Tired Of Wasting Money On Facebook & Instagram Ads And You Want To Discover How To Set Up A Profitable Facebook Ads That Pull In Massive Sales, Then…

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What You Are Going to Learn:

My step by step blueprint and set of strategies For Any Business, Budget or Experience.

This program takes you on a journey creating Ads from “scratch to scale”.

It covers everything you need to launch Ads that convert… Ads that bring in on demand daily sales… Ads that bring in non-stop leads. 

From setting up Facebook page right to creative to Ads copy to audience to margin, you name it. It’s all here!

And no, this isn’t some fluff or overnight success secrets, everything in here is carefully distilled from the hundreds of tests, failures, and somewhat wild successes.

 And perfected for any business… regardless of your budget or level of experience.

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What You’ll Get Inside:

The training is in 4 parts – Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Supra Advanced.


  • How to Set up a Business Manager correctly. Get this wrong, and you’re on your way to FB ban.
  • How to set up a WINNING Facebook Page and Instagram Account so Customers Can Easily Trust Your Business.
  • Watch Me Install Facebook Pixel the Right Way. It’s Now a New method (No Thanks to FB New Update)
  • Payment Issues Could Be a Big Headache. Here, You’ll Learn How To Get Rid Of Card Issues Once and for All.
  • How to Easily Check Your Bank Exchange Rate (For Dollar Accounts) So You Know The Exact Rate You’re Paying With (Good Way To Track Your Spending)
  • Targeting The Right People With The Right Message is Key To A Successful Ads. You’ll Start Using the “Hide and Seek Method” For Finding Your Exact Dream Customers On Facebook


  • How To Get Back A Disabled Ads Account in a Few Hours (sometimes in minutes)
  • The Different Types Of Killer Targeting Methods And How To Use Them
  • A Run Through Of All The Different Campaign Objectives So You Know When To Use Each… For Maximum Result
  • An in-depth walkthrough On “How To Properly Run A Conversion Ad That Pull In Massive Sales” So You Can Easily Replicate The Process For Your Business.
  • The Secret Trick Of A Fast Approving Ads. So You Can Always Use It to Fasten Your Ads Approvals.


  • If You’re Not Retargeting, You’re Leaving A lot Of Money On The Table. Here’s The Easiest And Fastest Way To Create A Custom And Lookalike Audience. Follow this and In a Minute Your Ads are Stalking Customers Everywhere
  • New And Advanced Method Of Getting A Fresh And “Untapped” Audience To Target On Facebook. (Very Few People Know This Secret Hack That Produces Mind-Blowing Results)
  • How To Read Your Facebook Data The Right Way So You Can Know If Your Campaign Is Doing Well Or Not.
  • No laptop? No Problem. Here’s How To Run A Profitable Ad With Your Smartphone.
  • How To Scale Your Ad Effectively Without Messing Up The Algorithm.(Fail At This Point And Watch Your Ad Suck)


  • It’s Normal For A Profitable Campaign To Stop All Of A Sudden. It Means Your Audience Are Tired Of Seeing It. BUT… Don’t Trash That Product Yet.. Here’s How To Revive A Dead Campaign And Turn It Into A Sales Pulling Machine
  • How To Get Up To 5 Business Managers In One Facebook Profile.
  • Peek Over My Shoulder As I Run A Profitable Retargeting Ad That Always Pull In Mind-Blowing Sales (approach it the way I show you and you’ll quickly find yourself running retargeting Ads that converts like crazy in under 10 minutes)
  • How To Train Your Pixel And Get 100s Of Data Quickly So Your Retargeting Can Convert With Cheap cost. And No, It Is Not What You Think.
  • If You Want to Spy On Your Competitor Ads And Literally Steal Their Strategy Without Them Knowing… Do This…
  • Ads alone Won’t Give You Sales. Your Sales Page Need to be designed and Framed in a way it builds trust and Persuade Customers To Take Action, Make Sure Your Sales Page Tick All These “High Converting Landing Page Secrets”.
  • You Can Actually Run A Conversion Ads Without Thank You Page. Shocked? Find Out Here….
  • Pixel Retention Strategies So You Don’t Lose Your FB Data (No data, no retargeting)
  • Use my “Facebook Ads Automation Rules” to save you time, money while scaling your ADS

Just Take a Peep At The BONUSES You’ll Get If You Act NOW…


How do you actually ensure that Facebook doesn't even ban your account in the first place? What and what do you need to do in order to escape the Facebook algorithm from banning your account. In this blueprint, I will show you some deep secrets, tricks and tactics that have been working for me so you can use them too.


One of the problems Facebook advertisers Face is not “knowing how” have multiple ad accounts... so that even if one get banned, you could have a spare one that you can use to continue your business. This is why part of what I will give you when you enroll into this program is a blueprint that reveals how to multiply your ad account even if you have just ONE business manager so you can have a spare account that you can use if anything happens to your ad account.


Most people get stuck when Facebook blocks their account. And I understand how frustrating it can be especially when your campaign is performing very well and your Fb Ads bans just got banned. For this reason, I’ll handover to you my proven ad account recovery formula that I use to get my Ads account each time it gets disabled.


I understand how frustrating it could be when your account gets blocked and Facebook is asking you to upload your ID or CAC document for verification. Here, I took my time and effort to explain exactly what to do to solve that issue of “ID Verification” once and for all. With this blueprint, you don’t have to worry about ID verification ever again.


The money is “NOT” in the list you build but in “WHAT YOU DO” with the list you build. That’s why inside this program, you’re getting a SUPER-HIGH-CONVERTING plug and play email sequence template to collect money from your leads. No need to write from scratch.


FB Compliant Ad copy is hard to write if you don’t know anything about persuasive copywriting. But, don’t worry, I’ll personally review your ad copy and make sure it is compliant so you don't have any issues with Facebook.


How do you actually get someone who is busy reading entertainment news and watching funny videos on Facebook to actually “STOP”, “READ” your Facebook ad and “CLICK” on it? In this PROVEN blueprint, I exposed the easiest and fastest way to get someone's attention on your ad and what you should do the moment you get their attention so your ad can stand out and convert massively.


Having trouble coming up with a hypnotic sales page for your business. Worry no more. It can be expensive to hire a good copywriter, that is why this software comes in. And it’s for FREE. This will help you generate sales copies so you don’t always have to write from scratch.


Have any questions? I understand that you may run into a block while setting up your Ads. It may not be immediately, and that’s because Facebook changes policies every time. It’s absolutely normal that you will have questions. And usually when people ask honest questions where they get stuck, course creators arrogantly shut the question down, making it work like you are dumb or not putting in enough efforts. I’m completely eliminating that dirty behavior in the market place by throwing in a fully attended support group where you can drop all your heart questions no matter what it is any day, anytime, I will personally reply to them the moment I see it. Fair enough?


One of the major challenges people face is crafting an ads copy that is compliant and still makes sales. You will learn how to write FB AD COPY Without Annoying Facebook & their Policies using a simple 3 Step Formula. This is what I use to get the sales you see in the screenshots earlier on this page. Just model my formula and get sales almost immediately.


Have an offline store and want to get tons of customers than you can handle? In this video, I dissect strategies you can use to pull down rain of customers to your offline store/shop using Facebook Ads. (Very Short, and actionable video).

APPEAL SCRIPTS (Value N10,000)

Don't know what to say when your ads account gets disabled? I will give you my appeal scripts that I use anytime Facebook comes for my account. All you need to do is just copy and paste it. Works like black magic.

You ALSO get access to:

CASE STUDY: $20,000 IN 4 WEEKS AD EXPLAINED. (Value N35,000)

In this case study, I broke down an ad that did over $20,000 dollars in 4 weeks. The exact audience, ads copy, landing page, and strategy behind the ads. You can use this to get inspiration too.

Facebook ADS FOR REAL ESTATE (Value N50,000)

Are you a real estate agent struggling to get leads? This a 2 hour masterclass I did for a real estate agency in Lagos on how to Set up your entire Facebook Ads for real estate agents looking for quality leads.


Have you been hearing of Retargeting everywhere but don't know how to go about it? If you are not running retargeting ads, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. In this bonus section - I explained different retargeting strategies like how to target people that visit your website, visitors of your Facebook page, people who visit your Instagram Profile, send you DM, people who viewed your videos on your Facebook page and Instagram and so much more.

Special Offer


YES, I want to SHOW you all my secrets… all my methods I use in landing CLIENTS that are willing to pay me handsomely to run Ads for their business.

Imagine making 100k, 200k, 500k every month from the comfort of your home, running ads for various businesses. 

This new program will show you how to get clients that have money to pay you. If you are one of the first 20 people to get this PFAS program, when the new program launches, you will be entitled to a discount. 

Remember, it's STRICTLY for the first 20 people to get this PFAS program Today.

All valued at NGN410,000… But Yours For FREE

Only If You Act NOW!

I’m giving it out on a 83% Discount..

For Only N25,000 Today!

What My Students And Business Partners Are Saying?

Ayodele Jonathan has the content that both newbies and pro’s need to advertise their business using Facebook. I fully recommend.​
Victor Njimogu
7 Figure Copywriter
"I've been privilege to work with Jonathan. I also got the PFAS and my conversions have increased massively. This is one of the best Facebook Ads program by a Nigerian" - Kings Onyekanma.
Kings Onyekanma
7 Figure Ecom Expert
"The PFAS is the BOMB!! We don't worry about sales anymore. My business have grown massively beyond my expectations. We now make millions weekly" - George Simeon, Ivory Coast. 
George Simon

Due to the Personal Attention All My Students Receive, Space is Extremely Limited – Take Advantage of Our Lowest Price Today!

Note: this offer is only available for a a couple of days. 


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